Saturday, June 9, 2012


Peonies, Lilac's & Bridal Wreath

I've just outdone myself!!
(Is this a blog or a brag?)

How blessed we are to have flowers
all kinds,
all shapes,
and all colors.
I had so much joy gathering all of these from my yard!

Last year at this time I did a post entitled,
"Peonies & Pain,"
realizing that nature and people's lives do go on,
even when our own world seems to have stopped.
This year is a little better.


Star 6 said...

These are just stunning! Yes, you out did yourself girl!!!!
Thanks for sharing this beauty.

Sarah d' said...

That is NOT bragging! It's just REALITY! Beautiful, beautiful reality! WOW!!!

Michelle and Judson said...

Gorgeous darling gorgeous!!