Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brooklyn Laura.... Six Years Old!

B utterfly lover...
R eally loves flowers, bugs, and "Wild Kratts"
O bviously beautiful & charming...
O bedient & quite a good sharer
K ind to others
L oves Nature (more than any child I know!)
Y es.. her Nana loves her!
N ever likes to be teased or laughed at...

     Brooklyn Laura is my sixth grandchild and 4th granddaughter!  
She is a joy!  
She definitely marches to the beat of her own drum.  
She does a lot of deep thinking and is very smart.  
Too smart... correcting me on the names of sea creatures, jungle animals or insects. 
 Every time last summer, I mean ever time she came over for a visit,
 she went right outside and came back with a huge handful of "flowers!"  
My vases were constantly filled with beauty!  
She also can spot a "heart rock" a mile away.  
I love you Brooklyn!
(Don't ever forget!) 

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!


jamie t. said...

You couldn't have described her any better!

Thompson said...

We love you Brooklyn!!!

Michelle and Judson said...

Woohoo, we love her sticky little bug fingers!

Star 6 said...

Oh my gosh, how unbelievably precious!!!!!

Camille said...

That is one of the most gorgeous little girls I have ever seen!!! Love you and miss you Donna!!