Sunday, November 20, 2011

When is enough enough?

I found this quote the other day and it really spoke to me...
"Gratitude turns what we have into enough!"

Let's see...

What I have...
What I don't have...
What I have... blessings galore...
What I don't have ... my sweetheart and best friend!
Cup half full?
Cup half empty?
My eyes perceive,
my mind records,
but my heart will decide.

As Alain left this world, I know him,
and I know he would worry and wonder,
"Did I leave "enough" for Donna?"

Enough "I love you's!"
enough forgiveness,
enough examples of strength,
enough words of encouragement,
enough means and security,
enough time spent in her service,
enough honor to family,
enough counsel and wisdom,
enough good memories,
enough humor and laughter,
enough honest examples,
enough faith in her abilities.
enough evidence of his love of God,
and his testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ...

enough and so much more.

With a heart that is still heavy and missing him... 
I will try to practice Gratitude daily
remembering to turn what I do have...
into enough!

Wishing my family and friends a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving!  
Grateful for YOU!


jamie t. said...

The gift of being content. That is what I am striving for!

Michelle and Judson said...

It's hard to be content with enough when all you want you cannot have. I am so grateful for your example of faith and strength. I think about Alain every day and hope that I can just come close to the person he is. He chose you, and that is why I chose you, as MY marmie, thank you for being you and teaching me the gospel. I sure love you!

Briana said...

That is beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving Donna!