Sunday, August 21, 2011

Uninvited Guest

(where today finds me...)

Uninvited Guest

In the middle of much grief,
an uninvited guest appears,
unannounced, unwanted and unappreciated.
(In every sense of the word)
This guest goes straight to the
heart and mind,
giving unrelenting and unsolicited advice.
No matter how much pushing or pleading
or trying to ignore...
he stays
until he has delivered
increased doubt and fear and pain.
Leaving behind so much
collateral damage.

Spiritual bulldozers are called in daily
working to pick up and clear away
debris of shattered dreams,
pieces of my broken heart,
and mounds of misguided thoughts
delivered so freely by this
uninvited guest.

Part of mortality.
Part of being human.
Part of the plan.


Michelle and Judson said...
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Star 6 said...

And aren't we greatful that we have spiritual bulldozers to rid us of such intruders.

Thompson said...

Life is so hard. It's hard to understand how our life here on earth can bring us such joy, but also such unimaginable pain. Just in my small day to day trivialities as a mother, that uninvited guest sneaks in far to often. No matter what moment in life we are in, we cannot stop fighting. We cannot let him win. Thank you for your forever example of faith and perseverance. Love you

Michelle and Judson said...

Let's go for round two. Oh mama I'm sorry he is so relentless, if you weren't so strong I think he'd be working on you double time. Any time you feel something from him say a prayer. He hates how great you are haha.