Friday, June 10, 2011

Fresh Courage Take....

My journey seems to be filled with
highs and lows.
Of course I wish for more highs,
but part of grieving must be allowing the lows to be felt.
Yesterday and today I am feeling so lost without Alain.
I just can hardly believe I've got to go on without
his love, support and smile.

I gave the framed picture of
"Fresh Courage Take"
to one of my very good friends
when she was going through a very difficult time in her life.
After Alain died...
she gave it back!

Today I am looking for "Fresh Courage!"
Just when I feel like I am going to be OK,
a wave comes and knocks me down.
I don't try to fight it for very long...
...just feel what you feel I tell myself.

"Life's journey is not traveled on a freeway devoid of
and snares.
Rather, it is a pathway marked by
forks and turnings.
Decisions are constantly before us."

"The call for COURAGE comes constantly
to each of us.
It has ever been so, and so shall it ever be."
Thomas S. Monson

I am grateful and thankful for the confidence of
family & friends
that tell me that I can indeed do this...
...and do it well!
But... continued
prayers for courage would be most appreciated!


Lacey said...

You are someone who radiates Courage. I am sorry you have to face this trial. Alain is/was a wonderful man. We miss him. Every time I see you there is a smile on your beautiful face.

Sarah d' said...
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Sarah d' said...

Oh, Donna. Your posts are so genuine and rich with insight. There is nothing forced or fake about them, which, of course is how YOU are as well. As you reach for increased courage, please know that your efforts benefit not only you, but everyone who knows you. Your energy, effort, and actions are like beacons of faith. THANK YOU for lifting me today!

Thompson said...

I love you Mom!! I admire your courage but feel so much pain that you have to be so courageous right now. I think of you do often. We are counting down the days when we will see you!!!

cadillac said...

Sister Budge, I was thinking about you this morning when I read Elder
Scott's General Conference talk, The Eternal Blessings of Marriage.
He said, " I am confident that when, in our future, I see her again
beyond the veil, we will recognize that we have become even more
deeply in love. We will appreciate each other even more, having spent
this time separated by the veil." I know this will be the same for you
and Brother Budge. I love you and I'm praying for you.

Amy Riddle said...

Sister Budge,
I have read your posts and there so touching! Your an incredible women. I look up to you and your example of courage and faith!
Thanks for sharing! and thanks for the note you wrote me! It was VERY kind!

Amy Riddle said...

And I will be praying for You! Im grateful for you being in my class and that we can be friends :)