Monday, May 30, 2011

Paris, Idaho for Memorial Day 2011

Another reminder.
Another first for me.
Memorial Day 2011

As the scouts put the American flag in the front yard this morning
I truly was saddened and reminded
of my loss!

Missing him....
husband, son, father, brother
and much, much more.

We keep going through the motions.
We bought beautiful flowers,
planned a lunch,
checked the weather,
and arrived to more proof
of the reality
that his sweet smile,
fun laugh,
helping hands and tender ways....
are just not with us anymore.....
oh, how we are missing him.

Twenty two family members met us at the cemetery.
Freezing cold (again!)
with rain & umbrella's...
To honor this great man.....

We love and miss Alain.
We know where he is,
and we know that we will once again be complete
when we are with him again....


jamie t. said...

What a hard day mom! Your strength is such an example to me. I love you so much.

Michelle and Judson said...

Oh mommy, I'm so sad. It's so hard doing those kind of things that make it so real, and feel like you just found out. I can tell myself over and over that I will see him again, but in no way shape or form does it make it any less painful. I don't know when that pain goes away. I do know that he is with you, he loves you, and is so excited to show you around when it is time. I love you with all my heart