Wednesday, April 13, 2011

End of My Trip.... Healing my "Heart" Part 13

Dear Alain,

As we are driving along the freeways of France, back to Italy today, (and so
far away from my home...our home),
I've run across a talk by Neal A. Maxwell.
He speaks of being content in whatever is allotted to us in this life.
Wow... I suppose then, that my gift to you, and to myself,
is to accept what has happened and learn to be content.
He said, "Being content means acceptance without self-pity!
A friend of mine recently said she thinks there is a fine, fine line between
grieving and self-pity.
I don't know.... I'm still so new at this.
I think the key for me, will be to "count my blessings," (which are many!)

"Blessing brighten when you count them!"
(Love that!)

Elder Maxwell states, "Our response to what is allotted us is what matters."
I've tried to respond to losing you by having faith and trust...
He continues,
"there is so much to do within what has been allotted us.
Performance is what matters,

not the size of the stage."

My sphere of influence is somewhat small honey, but I will
continue to learn from your example,
living the gospel by being kind and helpful to all those I come in contact with.

One final thought I ran across said,
"when spiritually aligned, a poise can come, even when
we do not know the meaning of all things."

Love Donna

La Magnolia Bread & Breakfast
Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a remote chunk of the Italian Rivera.

It was exciting to be home and felt very welcomed by Jamie & kids!

Our last lunch together before we head back to Naples.

What a wonderful trip of a lifetime.
When I look back it is almost magical!
My grateful thanks
go to Shawno and Carol who treated me with such tender care and gave me space
to ~heal my heart!~

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