Sunday, April 17, 2011

Christlike friends who show the way... Bishop Brown

As I have mentioned in a previous post, it was my Bishop
and his dear wife Mary
who rang the doorbell on the evening of February 4th,
who sat down on the couch across from me,
and delivered the news about my sweetheart Alain.

Again, the words "eternally grateful" are the only words to describe
the feelings I will always have for the tender love exhibited by
he and Mary that night.

Immediately following the news of Alain's accident, he was there
encouraging me,
offering counsel,
and assuring me that my ward family would be there for me.

Bishop Brown is humble, caring, and wise. A spiritual giant
who always see's the bigger picture.
He makes you feel loved and valued.

He called Alain to serve with him in the bishopric
on the campus of BYU-Idaho in the fall of 2007.
Together with Brad Nielson,
they became the bishopric of the newly formed 86th Ward,
of the BYU-Idaho 1st Stake.
There grew a bond of respect and love between them all.
Alain blossomed in this calling.

I liked to remind Alain how shy he was at the beginning of that calling,
and how one night I literally pushed him... (strong nudge) to go out and meet the kids
and shake their hands.
He did! He jumped in and within a matter of a few short weeks
memorized most, if not all, of the students names.
He would get up early and go to his computer
where the students pictures and names were,
and he spent hours memorizing them,
and then...
he would give me a sheet with their pictures on it,
and I would quiz him until he knew them all.

Bishop Brown was released as a student bishop and called to be
bishop of our home ward in 2009.
In August of 2010, he called Alain as the ward Young Men's President!
Alain was thrilled to serve with him again.

Bishop Brown has many, if not all of the qualities that Alain admired
in an individual that he would like to be "more like."
He valued his friendship and advice very much.

I am so thankful for a kind, caring bishop whom by example and deed
is showing me the way and has touched my life for good!


Michelle and Judson said...

How could I not concur! My goodness if we could only clone him, but I would get first dibs for my ward in Texas...Everyone needs a Bishop Brown. He truly has the light of Christ, no doubt to anyone!

Jenna said...

I'm loving reading all of your posts...thanks for sharing!!

jamie t. said...

What comfort it is to know that you have such good friends who love and support you. We are all blessed to know Mary and Bishop, and to see their strength and example.

Star 6 said...

You have been especially blessed with someone who especially touches your life for good. These good bishops are the work horses of the Church. I know my sister is in good hands and hearts.

Thompson said...

Just knowing that Bishop Brown and his precious wife are there, helping you along this new path of life brings me more comfort then I can explain. There are few people that really "get it!" They are some of those people. We can't thank them enough for the love and support they gave, and continue to give you! Love you Mom

cadillac said...

Sister Budge, I love reading your posts! As I read this one, It reminded me of the feeling I had the first time I met the Bishopric at our ward breakfast. I was so impressed that Brother Budge knew my name. I felt so much love and I didn't even know him yet. I am so blessed to have been in your ward. I know that Brother Budge loved me, because of the way he listened and understood me when I talked to him.
Sister Budge, could you give me your mailing address? I love you and I know Brother Budge is watching over you.
Catlin Bassett