Saturday, March 26, 2011

Healing my "Heart" in Italy

Michelle and her husband Judson had their trip to Italy planned for the first of March. Judson's father is a doctor in the Navy and is stationed in Naples.
He and his wife Carol graciously invited me to come along with Judson and Michelle after hearing the news of Alain passing away. I am such a homebody.... especially now as things felt new and raw. I wondered if I could handle being so far away so soon. Alain had just received his passport to visit Adam in Germany. It was so hard to imagine that it was going to be me getting a passport now. So many friends and family encouraged me to take this opportunity.... so off I went! Shawno and Carol were so wonderful to me. They kept reminding me that this was a time of healing. I kept a journal about our travels, the places we visited and even wrote letters to my sweetheart about my thoughts and feelings of me going forward. Oh how I miss him.... All in all I think this experience was very healing and I will be forever grateful for their kindness, love and support! be continued!

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